My Ideal of a Kitchen/Dining/Living Room

Inspiring architectural and interior design solutions: the spring green and terra cotta color scheme, carried through the dining room and into the great room, helps unify and connect expansive spaces and creates a calm and cosy atmosphere. The trough sink and faucet in the peninsula island make it perfect for use as a bar or adjunct serving area. And a living room situated in a large alcove, surrounded by windows and a direct connection with the garden - what better solution can you propose?

А ето и изглед от дневната - освен благодатната архитектура тук особено голям принос има комбинацията на цветове и материали в интериорния дизайн. Всички заедно те оформят една спокойна и елегантна обстановка - дневна, която трудно някой би могъл да не хареса.

And this is the kitchen - warm cherry cabinetry and streamlined surfaces help the kitchen blend seamlessly with the adjoining great room. Storage is abundant yet subtly hidden in the island and a nearby pantry.

I would have chosen less obtruding cabinet handles.

via Kohler

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